Press Release: CAP Introduces a Data Analytics Solution that Spots Oddities and Anomalies in Big Volumes of Data

CAP adds machine learning into Big Data analytics. At SLUSH (, start-up event in Helsinki on 18 - 19 November, CAP introduces their first product version of server log file analytics service.

Target customers of CAP are IT professionals in cybersecurity, devops and sysadmin functions who ensure the continuity, effectiveness and safety of service operation.

Every network server generates continuously massive amounts of log information about the operation of the service. This data remains mostly unused since it is difficult to detect what events are of any importance for system operations. CAP differentiates itself with the ability to detect previously unknown oddities. Consequently, the user does not need to set rules or fingerprints as is the case in current analytics tools.

“Anomalies in log data typically indicate deviations from the normal service functioning. They may result from an attempt intrude the system by a rogue user. Another example is a service failure that reflects into the log data: for example, a fault in an e-commerce site can cause such problems. By detecting these failures, our customers are able to run their services more effectively and more safely” arguments Tuomo Sipola, CEO of CAP.

CAP data analytics service can be found as a cloud service on the company web site The first product version is an API (programming interface). More product versions will follow.

CAP Data Technologies is a technology start-up specialised in Big Data analytics. The company was founded in November this year. Find out more on our website.

Visit CAP at SLUSH: demo booth No. 2.06 on Tuesday from 12 - 4 p.m.!

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