Behavioral Analytics for IAM and RIM

Read about CAP Anomaly Spotter

Download the free PDF Brochure and read more about the possibilities of CAP Anomaly Spotter for identity and access management (IAM).

Download the free PDF Brochure and read more about behavioral analytics for remote infrastructure monitoring (RIM).

Benefits of CAP Anomaly Spotter

  • Finds unusual behavior.
  • Detects and highlights the most noteworthy anomalous events and incidents using advanced machine learning analytics..
  • Cuts the cost of RIM operations by adding predictve analysis.

About CAP Data Technologies

CAP Data Technologies is a Finnish technology startup providing data analytics solutions utilizing our advanced anomaly detection technology. CAP Anomaly Spotter has the ability to detect previously unknown behavior in the system without relying on pre-set rules or fingerprints.

Contact us for more information about using CAP Anomaly Spotter on-site installation for incident response.

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CAP Data Technologies
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