Finnish High Technology Complements Ymon’s Situational Awareness Service

Ymon’s service center starts using innovative technology developed by the Finnish CAP Data Technologies in order to detect abnormal events in information security.

CAP Anomaly Spotter improves detection and response capabilites in order to find potential cybersecurity threats at a service center built by Ymon, a specialist company in networking and information security. The new tool allows Ymon’s situational awareness service to detect hidden abnormalities and to monitor information networks in unprecedented detail.

Normally, maintenance of situational awareness requires creation and management of a multitude of rules to detect the desired events. The new technology allows detection of security events using self-learning artificial intelligence without the need of predefined rules.

“We are pleased to offer our customers even better service using the latest technology on the market. This Finnish innovation on data security fits superbly to our service center and raises our performance to a new level”, says Mr. Pasi Yliluoma, CEO of Ymon.

“Cooperation with Ymon brings our innovative technology available to real customer cases. We are constantly developing new functionalities to CAP Anomaly Spotter in order to improve the operational efficiency of our customers while increasing the security system’s ability to detect hidden threats”, says Tuomo Sipola, Ph.D., CEO of CAP Data Technologies.

Founded in 2003, Ymon is a specialist company in networking and information security services. Ymon designs, implements, maintains and monitors its customers’ ICT environments.

CAP Data Technologies was established about two years ago. It is a technology start-up that focuses on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning into industrial applications. The roots of its competence in artificial intelligence lie at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Press release. You can read more about the collaboration on on Ymon’s website.

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