Routing Customer Requests Using AI

Ticket routing dashboard example

Do you have a huge number of customer service tickets? Do you know who should handle them? Helpdesk tickets are not always issued to the right person from the start. An expert could solve a ticket within minutes, but if helpdesk does not know about the expert, it could take a lot longer. Your first level problem solver might not be the exact match to solve the issue at hand.

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ACRA - AI-Assisted Customer Request Assignment

ACRA, or AI-assisted customer request assignment, routes your customer support tickets to the correct experts.

This kind of automation is ideal for sectors that have challenging customer support environments with a high volume and high variety of support requests – especially in technical domains, where customer support involves many support experts with specific competency areas.

Why Use Automatic Assignment?

Automatically assigning the tickets using ACRA to the correct persons leads to shorter average handle time (AHT). At the same time, helpdesk agent training can be reduced because the agent can check the correct experts from the system. This also means better and faster feedback for the end customer. In addition, you get insight to the helpdesk bottlenecks, e.g., if certain areas need more troubleshooters.

How do we do it?

Ticket routing keyword search

Our AI system in ACRA finds the keywords and categories for your tickets automatically. These keywords are then matched to the user-defined experts. Those experts then get assigned the tickets in question. Naturally, you can define manual keywords and assign them to the experts.


Automated Assignment

  • Automatic keyword tagging of helpdesk tickets.
  • Ticket matching to correct experts.
  • Integration to helpdesk software platforms (e.g. Zendesk), others on the roadmap.

Natural Language Processing

  • Artificial Intelligence automatically detects keywords for the tickets using natural language processing (NLP).
  • Planned language support: English, Finnish, more languages upon request.

Input and Output

Data is provided through the helpdesk software API. Ticket text and relevant metadata are read from those sources and directed to data analysis.

You can either use our own dashboard or the output can be directed back to the helpdesk software. The helpdesk agents see the results automatically in the helpdesk software.

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