How ACRA Works – An Insight into What We Are Doing

Our new tool, AI-Assisted Customer Request Assignment ACRA is a tool to route support tickets to correct experts. ACRA is ideal for situations where you need experts to solve your incoming technical issue tickets.

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Topic Modeling

ACRA currently fetches tickets from your ticketing system (such as Zendesk). What is in the heart of our solution is an analysis engine. This engine pairs correct tickets with the right experts. ACRA uses machine learning to report to the user when new kinds of groups emerge from the tickets. This solution uses topic modeling to propose these new topics for the groups in order to get insight into your ticket flow. Topic modeling currently supports English and Finnish. We had to reasearch different approaches before adding Finnish into our solution. Insights that the topic modeling finds can help you understand what kind of problems you are facing. This way you can respond faster to new kinds of issues.

Assigning Topics to Experts

After the AI has found new groups, a user can pair those new topics with correct expert groups in our application. You can also create your own user-defined groups by hand.

Our analysis engine matches arriving tickets with expert groups, so that you can route tickets to the correct expert. We also provide a search function and information about your ticket statistics. Too often first-line support tries to solve tickets on their own and ends up using lots of time to solve the issue. Instead, they could route the tickets to the right experts who can solve the issue in a few minutes.

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More Info

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